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  • HKC Europe B.V. is the subsidiary company of HKC Group, founded in 1997 and headquartered in
    Shenzhen, China, who is leading manufacturer of computer peripherals, including TFT & CRT
    monitors,CRT & TFT LCD TV,power supplies, cases, speakers and web-cams in China mainland.
    Gruop factories are mainly focusing on OEM projects during the past years, with the ever increasing demand from our customers and investors, it has become a key factor in business to establish own brand. Thus we lauched ourself as HKC image to the market channels in Aug 2005, and HKC
    Europe B.V. is the operation center for marketing, logistic and service center all over Europe. With
    the strong backup from HQ's talented engineering team, top designers and advanced facilities, we
    can supply excellent and competitive products to cater for the consumers' demand. We
    will parallelize the development of ourself-brand "HKC".